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Product details

Off Peak Day ticket Utrecht

Would you like to travel one day throughout the province of Utrecht? Then the Dal Dagkaart Utrecht is ideal. For 1 fixed fee, You travel with all buses from Syntus Utrecht and all buses and trams from U-OV in the province of Utrecht. Do not forget to place this travel product on your OV-chipkaart at 1 of the OV-chipkaart charging points after ordering.

  • Valid on all buses of U-OV and Syntus Utrecht in the province of Utrecht.
  • After checking in, validity for 24 hours.
  • Not valid during rush hour between 04.00 and 09.00.
  • After purchase, use within 1 month.


  • Does not work in combination with NS Flex / Businesscard on one OV- Chipcard.

  • € 11,05
  • Day